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$16.80- Research STEM Bundle (30% Savings)

A growing animal bundle. Students research different species and complete engineering challenges to solve problems for the animal

Understanding the NGSS

Learn how these Science Standards are composed to begin implementing them today! This workbook walks you through lesson planning and more!

FREE STEM Workbook

Turn any picture book into an Engineering Challenge for your students. I walk you through, step by step to developing your best STEM lesson yet!

$7.50 - Design a Haunted House STEM/SEL

Have students face their fears in this STEM challenge infused with Social Emotional Learning! Students will read, write, plan, build, and share what makes them afraid and design a haunted house to match!

$4.00 - Intro to Binary: Code Your Name

Students learn how Binary works and Code their Names. Extension activities included!


$3.00 - Binary Picture Coding/Decoding Puzzles

A *growing product*, which means you’ll get all the updates without having to spend more! This is a great follow up to the Intro to Binary: Code your Name Activity that I have!

$8.50 - Design a Classroom STEM/SEL

STEM project that focuses on SEL to get students ready for back to school during the COVID Pandemic.

$8.40 - Kindergarten Math Digital Resource Bundle (30% Savings)

Counting 1-10, 10-20, Working with 1-20, Measuring for length & weight, 2D & 3D Shapes, Graphing

You need Google Classroom for this Resource

$3 - STEM Role Models

Meet 5 influential STEM role models and complete different challenges to accompany picture books.

$4.50 - The Greatest Show STEM

Circus STEM and a large selection of math and literacy games to play during a circus themed week. Read alouds and story responses included.

$3 - Intro to STEM

Lessons, posters, and activities to get your students ready to complete their first STEM activity. Great reinforcement for collaboration!

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