* I wrote this in April of 2019 before I left Kindergarten. I stumbled upon it today (Nov. 30th, 2019) and decided to share.

Big News

I was told last week that I would be leaving my home in Kindergarten for a Middle School Science Position, the meeting had me giddy with excitement, so much that my principal told me to stop smiling. It was so unexpected and this is something that I have always wanted to do. If you’ve followed me on Instagram and this blog, you know that I am extremely passionate about STEAM activities.  The idea of teaching ONLY science has me reinvigorated and SO PUMPED for next year. But after the initial shock of this change has dissipated, I am left panicking and completely devastated about leaving my family at my school. 

My district is structured so that we have 3 schools: Pre-K to 3rd (my school and home for the past six years), 4th-5th (Intermediate School), and 6th-8th Grade (my new building).  Our district has all three schools lined up on the same property, about a two minute walk from building to building. But we do not have much collaboration between buildings during the school year. Yes, we travel to each school for different events, but in my six years I have only met a handful of the other teachers in my district. This is what has me so upset. I am leaving behind a close group of teachers that have grown to be some of my closest friends.

My Thoughts About Switching

I have seen other teachers post about switching grade levels and I always thought to myself, that it can’t be that terrible… what’s the fuss.  But now I know how challenging it is to process a change, especially one this drastic.  I have taught Kinder all six years that I have been a teacher. In my undergrad, I only had one experience with Middle School and that was for 3 hours a day, once day a week. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. How do you get five year olds to pay attention? Sing a song or act silly and it pulls them back in. I have NO CLUE what to do for a sixth grader. Next year will be a lot of trial and error.

Besides leaving my school family, I am heartbroken over leaving my classroom. I have worked tirelessly over the past six years to make my room feel like home. I embraced flexible seating, calm colors, and slowly have organized the room to have it feel just perfect for me.  And now I’m losing that hard work to start all over again.  This is something I am really struggling with.

Looking Ahead to Next Year

I have not seen my new classroom yet in the middle school. So I think that is why my mind is constantly racing and trying to come up with new ideas. I know I will have a lab with the classroom, so the possibilities are really endless for how I want to decorate my new room.  It will be a blank canvas and a new journey.

Like I said before, I am excited for this new adventure and getting to grow as an educator. I hope that in a year’s time from now, I will look back on today and realize that it was the start of something amazing. Please stick around and see the magic that I will get to make as a sixth grade science teacher. I have bittersweet butterflies when I think about.

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