A classroom corner set up with white stoage bins. A whiteboard with magnets. A sensory table with rice in the corner under a lamp. STEM Careers displayed on the wall.

A Makerspace is a place to create, build, dream, and wonder for our scientists. They get a chance to make something with materials that you have provided.

I’ll never forget the smiles and ooh’s/aah’s when I unveiled our new addition to our classroom. I worked for hours putting it together but the results were awesome! This is one of the greatest things to happen to my classroom.

I am going to show you a way to build and organize your Makerspace to get your students ready to be engineers and scientists! If you need more support, find out how to get your students collaborating more here.

So here it is, the ultimate guide to build and organize a Makerspace!

What is a Makerspace?

By definition it is a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

In our Kindergarten classroom, it is a place for students to explore and learn on their own. The creativity and ingenuity my students develop in this place is unmatched to anywhere else in our room.

If I could encourage you to do anything for yourself, it would be to make a corner or just some location in your classroom that you can develop into a space like this.

You will see huge growth within your students and their ability to problem solve.

A Kindergarten Classroom set up like a newstation to present the weather. There is a CFS News banner along the table, a cardboard video camera, and a mircophone for the news anchor to use. On the board behind is a map of the United States, thermometers, and weather patterns.

Our Makerspace took many forms depending on what we were learning about that week. Here’s a picture of our weather station set up.

What do I use a Makerspace for?

I teach by theme in my classroom. Every week, students have a task to build something based around that theme.

For example, when I teach about hibernating animals, students are asked to build a bear cave using the materials. They upload their finished product to their Class Dojo Portfolio to keep them accountable and share their work with their families. Because many of the projects are unable to be taken home, it gives parents a glimpse into our classroom.

A sign that reads Gingerbread: I can make a gingerbread man. I can create a gingerbread house.
The Duplex Bricks are arranged to form a castle with small gingerbread plastic dolls laid on top of it.
Here’s an example of a creation with LEGO and Gingerbread dolls in this December Makerspace build.

How do I build a Makerspace?

My Makerspace is made with 2 cubic storage centers, colorful fabric bins, and a storage bench.

I got them from Amazon! I’m not an affiliate but thought I’d share the links with you.

An 8 cube white storage container
Colorful fabric storage bins
A gray storage bench with a cusion and 3 cubes to place things in.

This storage really works for me. I create labels to adhere to the bin and to the storage cube so students know exactly where to place the bins back when they are done building.

On the back half of the left storage bin I attached a large oil pan (it looks like a giant cookie sheet) to use for magnet letters and tiles.

An oil pan
A sideview of a Makerspace equipped with manipulatives and white lab coats.

I also find it fun to give the Kinders a chance to dress up like scientists. I bought lab coats and have them hanging in the Makerspace for students to put on. They also have safety goggles to wear.

The Makerspace is always sought after during our independent centers. It brings me so much joy to see how my students use this part of our classroom.

I hope you have enjoyed your guide to build and organize a Makerspace for your classroom. Next week I’m going to talk about my MUST HAVE ITEMS for my STEM classroom.

Do you have a Makerspace in your classroom or want to build one ? Let me know in the comments below.

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