Moving a classroom online is no easy task and a myriad of problems can arise when you try and do collaboration & hands on activities. Don’t give up hope though, I have my Back to School Guide for STEM in a Digital Classroom to help you!

This back to school season is going to be wild and I want to make sure you don’t lose out on the fun STEM projects you typically would do! Here’s a list of 5 projects that you can complete digitally whether students are in person or socially distanced in school!

STEM letters sitting above a template that says S is for science, T is for technology, E is for Engineering, M is for Math

Introduce STEM in a digital classroom to your students for the very first time. This unit is perfect for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students to learn the ins and outs of STEM challenges.

Students will develop critical thinking, communication, and fine motor skills as they work to build a bridge between two platforms.

Need help seeing the big picture? Read more here.

What you get:

3 Days of Lessons to teach students what STE(A)M stands for, how to collaborate, and a bridge building challenge to practice the new skills.

The resource is also digitally shared through Google Drive (slides) via link in the PDF download.

Snag it here

This unit is perfect for the Holidays or anytime of year in K-2nd grade. You can use this to teach STEM in a digital classroom too!

Students will research and learn about the histories of toys and their creators. Then students will design their own toy.

This is a perfect way to get to know your students and what type of things they enjoy playing with!

What you get:

Toy Makers Bios, Toy variations, planning pages, building responses, create an ad extension activity, and letters from Santa OR the Toy Company (please choose what is best for your students, being mindful of their religion and beliefs).

Learn more & see how I transformed my room here.



Learn how Binary works and what the 0s and 1s mean in a string of numbers.

This resource has multiple days of work built in for you both digital and paper based to help with distance learning.

After learning about Binary numbers and understanding how they work, students can work to code their name in Binary. After they have completed that work they can create a necklace that says their name.

What you get:

 An eBook explaining Binary, exploding dots instructions & game board, 2 sets of alphabet cards leveled for difficulty, templates to code name, and extension activities such as make a necklace/bracelet.

Learn more here.

Get it HERE!


This Research STEM project has students learn about animals that hibernate. It discusses locations that this may occur and also what types of shelters animals need to survive. See more in depth how I planned this here.

Students can research the animal of their choosing and draw/write on a recording sheet. (Links to appropriate sites provided)

Available both print & digital via Google Slides to help during distance learning.

What you get:

Animal list, maps, recording pages, templates, building material suggestions, STEM challenge, and follow up pages.


A growing bundle of resources to teach Kindergarten Math Skills via Google Slides.

Students can manipulate shapes, type, and upload pictures in these Slides.

Set up a Google Classroom so that students can turn in work to receive a grade.

What you get:

6+ Slides on skills that include Identifying #1-20, working with #1-20, measuring, identifying shapes/positional words, and graphing. 

See it here!

Although STEM may look a bit different this year, using Technology & still allowing students to collaborate will be so important. Good luck teaching STEM in a digital classroom!

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