In the Spring when school shut down I got more emails than I ever thought possible. I never taught my students how to form an email so I got a lot of craziness in my inbox. I’m talking subject lines with the entire question and a blank email, students using a gamer email and not leaving their name (so no clue who to help!), and so many other confusing things. I had enough. That’s where this blog post comes in and will walk you through the steps to pre-fill an email to help students be successful in reaching out for help. This skill is so important for our kids but I can make this even easier for you and for them! So let’s jump right in: I’m providing the steps you need to make email easy. Step 1: Open a Word/Notes document You need some place to type out. You can use whatever is available (it doesn’t much matter). For ease of understanding the flow of this, all BOLDED words from now on will be what you need to make this process work. Step 2: Add email address if I left it at that, you can click it (if it’s hyperlinked) and it will open up my mail to draft an email to the above address. But we’re not done yet!

Step 3: Symbol meanings in a pre-filled email

& is needed after each line to link to the next section in the code %20 adds a space between words %0d%0a adds a line break (like hitting enter) Step 4: Adding the subject to pre-fill an email subject= then you will type your subject of what you want it to pre-fill *remember to add %20 between words

Step 5: Adding the body to pre-fill an email

body= then you will type your body of what you want it to pre-fill *remember to add %20 between words and use %0d%0a for line breaks (if needed) I am going to type out what my lines will look like (to understand the coding) but each piece of the code needs to be in the same line to work. (See the link below this picture)

You will take that code and insert it as a link (either in a picture on your site or by highlighting words and hyperlinking them!),%0d%0a%0d%0aClass%20Period:%0d%0a%0d%0aAsk%20me%20your%20question%20here.%0d%0a%0d%0aThank%20you,%0d%0aTYPE%20YOUR%20NAME%20HERE

Trying to Pre-fill an Email is quick!

This doesn’t take much time but will have a big impact for your students! If you need more tech tips, I have a HOW TO USE LOOM TO PRE-RECORD LESSONS which will also keep your sanity during distance/virtual learning!
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