I’ve seen this trend all over Instagram, where as you’re reviewing the past year you can see my top 9 of 2020. So let’s look back at the blog from the past year and talk about my 9 favorite posts, ideas, and stories!

This past year has shown the resiliency of teachers, parents, and students during these extremely challenging times. I hope you know that your efforts are appreciated and I’m your number one cheerleader.

Looking back, this year has been the hardest one of my life (for personal reasons not related to the ever increasing requirements of the job) but it has also brought so much growth and awareness. 

It is my hope that you can look back at 2020 as the year we kept the world spinning as teachers. We are an extraordinary profession and I applaud you for the work you’ve been doing over the past 9 months.


I’ve rounded up my favorite posts below from the past year to help you quickly browse something that may be of use to you! Leave a comment below on your favorite ideas from this past year. My favorite having to be Teaching Binary Isn’t as Scary as it Looks.

FAQs about Teaching Science with Social Distancing

This year has brought around challenges for our science instruction like never before. In the past, I think the hardest part was gathering supplies but now we’re faced with a plethitude of challenges. See how I battle these problems while I still teach science with...

The Secret to Cross Curricular Science Activities

When I was in college, my University stressed the importance of teaching with thematic units. If you’re not familiar, it’s when you teach a theme a week and link all your educational content around it. I still use this but now focus it on my science topics for that...

Why is an Integrated Science Education Important?

When I was in third grade, my teacher Mrs. Sass gave us a project. It wasn’t just any poster and paper project to prove what we learned… It was a project that I still remember to this day because it was SO ENGAGING! Let me introduce you to my favorite type of...

Pre-fill an Email for Student Success

In the Spring when school shut down I got more emails than I ever thought possible. I never taught my students how to form an email so I got a lot of craziness in my inbox. I'm talking subject lines with the entire question and a blank email, students using a gamer...

Guide to Using Loom for Recording Lessons

Teachers this is for you. You are entering this distance learning, hybrid, F2F trainwreck that is our school year and I want to help you make it just a tiny bit easier. I'm going to guide you through recording lessons in Loom to help your students wherever they're...

What is Phenomena? Why it is anything but BORING

What is phenomena? How can we as facilitators in our classroom introduce, teach, and invoke curiosity surrounding the phenomena? The answer is to get students interested in what they're about to explore. Take this video for example. It's cool to look at and so many...

STEM in a Digital Classroom: Back to School Guide

Moving a classroom online is no easy task and a myriad of problems can arise when you try and do collaboration & hands on activities. Don't give up hope though, I have my Back to School Guide for STEM in a Digital Classroom to help you! This back to school season...

Teaching Binary Isn’t as Scary as it Looks

Have you ever wondered what the 1s and 0s stand for in Binary? I've seen so many TV shows that have a programmer typing away and quickly decoding the numbers to form an answer to a burning question. I've always thought WOW they're amazingly smart... little did I know...

How I’m Teaching STEM with COVID

Are you wondering how to make STEM happen with all these classroom restrictions? Teaching students online? Completely stuck with what you need to make teaching STEM happen in the COVID era? You're not alone. I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with ways to...

To make it through this year, I had to remind myself of my top 9 of 2020 sayings that I repeated every. single. day. If you’ve felt these feelings or need a new mantra to say, here ya go!

1. Work life balance is crucial if you want to make it through distance learning.

2. Pour into yourself, it’s okay to walk away from the computer if you need to.

3. You can’t change the fact that your students aren’t logging in. It’s okay to give up that helpless control feeling.

4. Your mental and physical health are MORE IMPORTANT than your career. Take care of yourself.

5. There is no such thing as too much coffee.

6. It’s okay to not be okay. I made this my mantra these past few months.

7. You are enough. What you are doing for your students is enough. 

8. Find your people and have a good laugh. Even if your not in the mood for funny.

9. We will get through this. This isn’t forever!

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